Form in Art

Gift Details

One of the WC’s signature projects, Form in Art was established in 1971 as a pilot program for the visually impaired by Mrs. H. Fairfax Leary, Jr. with a grant obtained from the George W. Nevil Trust. By 1980, the expanded Form in Art program offered three cIasses, attended by forty-two students ranging in age from seventeen to seventy, who concentrated on art history and studio sculpture assisted by specially trained Volunteer Guides. The student’s work was regularly on display at the Nevil Touch Gallery, the PMA, the University of Pennsylvania Museum, and the National Exhibition of Work by Blind Artists. By 1982, tours for the visually impaired were available in the PMA’s galleries.

In 2017 the more narrowly focused Form in Art program transitioned into the Education Department’s Community Engagement and Access with a broader reach of Accessible Programs. 

Between 1978- 2017 over $1,250,000 was granted to Form in Art from money raised by the Women’s Committee.  

Date Gifted: 1978-2017
Department: Education