Grant Review 2023

On Friday, April 14, 2023, the annual Grant Review process took place at the museum. Twelve members of the WC presented the 14 grant applications for consideration to the membership to determine which of the projects will be funded.  

A total of $295,847 was granted to the following museum departments: American Art, the Park House, Weekday and Weekend Guide Programs, Technology Endowment, Art Kids, Cristo Rey H.S. Student Work-Study Partnership, The Shape of Time: Korean Art after 1989 Special Exhibition, the purchase of a computerized mat cutter for the Print, Drawings & Photography Department, and the European Painting Department enabling them to produce a video and display models for the Robin Museum illustrating the sand-casting technique used by Rodin. Lastly, money was granted to the museum for the museum’s holiday arrangements for the 2024 fiscal year.