Philadelphia’s Art Museum

A New Era: Philadelphia’s Art Museum, Reimagined

Led by architect Frank Gehry, the museum’s landmark building has been transformed with art, community, and Philadelphia in mind.

Since opening our main building on Fairmount to the public in 1928, we have continually updated our collection, programming, and exhibitions to stay relevant and meaningful. Inspired by the integrity of our historic building, Frank Gehry’s renovation plan has opened up the museum’s interior with more public spaces, more room for art, and easier navigation, all while honoring the original architecture.

Nearly 90,000 square feet of space has been repurposed within the main building, all of which is ADA compliant and energy-efficient. The scope of the project includes a rebuilt West Terrace, now the Robbi and Bruce Toll Terrace, with integrated ramps to facilitate access for all visitors; a renovated Lenfest Hall, which has long served as the principal entrance to the museum; a new public space, the Williams Forum, which serves as the setting for a wide range of activities and connects the ground floor to the upper levels; and the Vaulted Walkway, a 640-foot long corridor that spans the entire width of the building and has not been open to the public for nearly 50 years.

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